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  • You have to report 1 hour prior the booked/selected time slot. The entire activity would take you around an 1hour from the time you arrive at GravityZip facility.
  • Wear casual clothes (Not tight fitting), avoid sarees & skirts as you have to wear a flying suit which is exactly like a jump suit over your clothes. - We have a changing room
  • Avoid wearing costly wearables and ornaments as you have to remove it before you proceed for the activity. Anyhow we also have a dedicated safety locker which is provided free of charge to keep your things safe.
  • You have to remove your turban if you are wearing one, before proceeding with the activity. We respect your religion but we do not compromise with your safety.
  • No restriction on having food before the activity. Anyhow avoid heavy meal as it could lead to discomfort during the activity. - We do have food options that you can enjoy after your activity.
  • You must weigh below 110KGs to enjoy the activity. Flyers above 6 yrs age are only allowed for the GravityZip indoor skydiving experience. - talk to your instructors at GravityZip if the flyer is below 6 yrs age. Our team will help you in assisting and explaining how can you proceed with the activity.
  • Flyers below 18yrs should be accompanied by a supervising adult to proceed with the activity.
  • Women who are pregnant should not fly.
  • Anyone with a hard cast or prosthetic that cannot be removed is restricted from flying.
  • If you have a history of neck, back or heart conditions, you will need to check with your doctor before you try this activity, and sign a waiver prior to flying.
  • You cannot fly under the influence of alcohol or drugs.


  • Report 1 hour prior the booked/selected time slot.
  • Meet GravityZip instructors or help desk staff and showcase your booking details if you have booked the slot online. Anyhow our staff will be happy to assist you with the booking if you have not booked any slot online.
  • Proceed with your flyer registration process where you fillin your basic details like full name, gender, age and sign it accepting the terms and conditions. If you are a minor below 18yrs then a supervising adult should accompany and sign the waiver to proceed with registration.
  • Ask for a safety locker to safely store your valuables. The safety lockers are subject to availability and will be provided free of charge.
  • Our help desk staff will help you with the collection of flying suit, shoes, helmet, ear buds, shoes and glasses that fit you. - We have a changing room where you can gear up and we recommend you wear the flying suit over your clothes.


Let’s get to the real stuff, wear your flight suit. Our professional flying instructors provide and train you to get the most out of your flying experience. The pre-flight training session will be 15 minutes.

After that, you will be spending 20-30 minutes in the pre-flight chamber. Enjoy a ringside view of flyers while you wait for your turn. Then comes the time for you to ride the wind, taste the thrill and fly like a superman

It’s time to strike off one more item from your bucket list. Once you experience the mix of pleasure and excitement of Indoor Skydiving, you will definitely come back for more.



  • Give a High five to your instructors - Just like you came out accomplishing your mission impossible :D
  • Just loved the flying experience? Want to do it once more? Skip all the training process and flying once again purchasing additional minutes subject to availability at almost half the price.
  • Talk to your instructors how you have performed and the areas you can improve. If you like what you have experienced and want to brush the skill of flying - ask for the information of flight school by GravityZip.
  • Take-off your gears and return it back to staff. All gears go for UV cleaning/dry cleaning after every use, wearables like earbuds are discarded after every use.
  • Indulge yourself in some lip-smacking food and beverages from brands like Zozoz pizza, Dildaar, Pandit Ji Chaat and more.


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