Every second, every moment, every frame feels like a once-in-a-lifetime experience. India’s first and only Indoor Skydiving arena, GravityZip, makes you feel the thrill of accelerated free-falling in a safe and well-monitored environment.

Inspired by their personal skydiving experience, two business visionaries decided to offer the same thrill to the adventure-loving people in India. Ramana Reddy & Sushil Reddy Meda established GravityZip Sports Pvt Ltd in 2018. Four dedicated years, countless human hours, humongous hard work, and great passion led to the project becoming fully functional in April 2022.



GravityZip mission is to provide a reliable & controlled indoor skydiving experience with multiple levels of protocols and built-in safety measures. By offering necessary training and knowledge for individuals, we inspire and encourage everyone to experience the thrill. Our high-standard equipment and environment make sky-diving accessible and safe for every individual.


GravityZip's vision is to make Indoor Skydiving a sport & recreation activity for the Indian diaspora. We envision taking this unique experience across multiple cities in India by building on the current innovative solution and integrating it with indigenous components and software. We strive to make flying an exciting and enriching experience for everyone who dreams to fly.



Everyone who has a passion for flying is welcome at GravityZip. Ride the wind and make unforgettable memories for life. Not everyone who dreams to fly dares to fly. Being adventure lovers at the core, we step forward and make the flying experience an exciting ride for everyone. The experience blows away all your fear and brings out the authentic version of yourself. Every sense in your body comes to life amidst the flying.