A training routine that requires mastery of body movements and mental alertness.

An ideal place for recreating high-altitude military parachuting and military free-fall.

Skydiving Training Importants

For defense professionals, being trained in skydiving plays a crucial role in emergency situations like wars and floods since they deliver military supplies, equipment, and cargo in high-risk situations from a transport aircraft at a high altitude.

The real challenge is training these professionals while doing a real jump from aircraft. Because of the limited flying time, it is quite difficult to train. Indoor Skydiving is the perfect solution for this. Till now, defense departments used to conduct indoor skydiving training sessions in other countries, which cost huge amounts of money.

For the first time in India, Gravityzip is offering an indoor skydiving training arena for defense professionals. This could save time and money for the Indian defense department.

Train like a trooper at GravityZip

GravityZip, India’s first Indoor Skydiving arena, is designed to cater to the needs of defense professionals like the Air Force, Navy, and Army. GravityZip follows high standard security and privacy protocols to provide a reliable and safe training environment.

Our wind tunnel is an ideal platform for airborne troops to continue training or just want to have some fun time together. Highly qualified and trained staff have worked with several military groups in providing world-class skydiving training.

Get a package that is specifically designed for your team with a flight time of 1 hour. Master your flying skills by training your mind and body.

Attention all military groups!

We introduced an hourly package and at a much-discounted price, only if purchased for 20 hours in bulk.

Note: This is not an individual military discount and is only available to military units and groups of serving personnel.



for one person

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We at GravityZip are excited about the opportunity to engage with defense professionals
and help achieve the following objectives:

- Fun for all & experience in a team format

- Unique and thrilling experience

- Location convenience as located near the airport (Hyderabad)

- Long-term relationship to host and conduct training sessions

- Bulk Pricing

Flight Time

   :    1 Hour

Off-Peak Price

   :    45,000/-

Peak Price

   :    53,000/-


To ensure a safe flight

  • - Loose or ornate clothing
  • - Open-toed shoes/sandals/slip-on/flip-flops
  • - Long hair left loose
  • - Loose items in pockets
  • - Jewelery/watches/other accessories

Conditions of participation

  • - Pregnant women are not allowed to fly
  • - No shoulder issues
  • - No flying under the influence of alcohol or drugs